The coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt businesses in countless ways. First, there was the quick transition for many to remote work. Now, as states and cities reopen, companies are facing a whole new set of challenges in working from the office involving allowances for social distancing, setting up in-office shifts and monitoring occupancy limits. Leaders must consider how to ensure safety while keeping collaboration opportunities available.

VMware has developed two new workplace solutions powered by its Workspace ONE platform to help companies bring employees back to the office with confidence. Workspace ONE Proximity and Workspace ONE Campus are privacy-centric mobile applications that can create work experiences of the future.

  • Workspace ONE Proximity creates a high-tech and privacy-focused way to assist businesses in contact tracing if an employee becomes ill. The employee can privately notify admins and colleagues that they have tested positive. Using beacons throughout the office that ping the employee’s mobile application, the employee and admins can recall their whereabouts, allowing the company to notify other employees who were near the same beacons at the same times as the affected employee. Employees can be notified of potential exposure while protecting the privacy of their sick coworker. Leadership can also use the information from beacons to prioritize deep cleaning in areas where the ill employee spent the most time. Workspace ONE Proximity will be offered at no additional charge for Workspace ONE customers. Sign up here for Workspace ONE Proximity Beta.
  • Workspace ONE Campus will expand on features available in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to support booking of desks and meeting rooms and office wayfinding. “Organizations are already rethinking their physical office layouts. We believe we can help provide the technology for the campus of the future with our Workspace ONE Campus solution,” said Hemant Sahani, senior director of product management at VMware.

As a VMware Premier Partner, Tech Orchard will work with your team to maximize the value of these new Workspace ONE implementations. Learn more about these features or contact to discuss how they can work for your business.