Introducing Mobility By Design

Mobile technology has become an integral part of every aspect of our lives, and, generally, your end users are the ones driving its introduction into your organization. As a business owner, executive or IT team member, it’s imperative you stop and ask yourself: What is mobility and do we need it? If so, why?

A field-proven process for mobile success

At Tech Orchard, we’ve developed a proprietary four-step process to help you dig into the “why” and, subsequently, determine ways to tackle the “how” in a manner that aligns with your organizational goals. Ultimately, Mobility By Design will help you utilize mobility to solve problems and meet (or exceed!) business goals.



Using a deep understanding of EUC opportunities and challenges, identify current legacy endpoint solutions and map them to modern management alternatives.



Conduct workshops to craft mobile device usage policies (MDUP) and UEM solutions design, including platform requirements, to achieve specific business outcomes.



Formalize MDUP and execute on a comprehensive Workspace ONE deployment plan, including the core tenant and customized features documented in Phase 01.



Leverage Workspace ONE experts for simplified support and training solutions while conducting health assessments and monitoring MDUP for long-term success.
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