Craft Smarter Mobile Device Usage Policies

Develop clear, concise usage policies across company-owned and BYO devices that encourage adoption.

After engaging your key stakeholders, Tech Orchard will conduct an in-depth review of your organization in order to design, update and implement mobile device usage policies (MDUP). Ultimately, these policies outline governance, best practices and procedures for managing company and BYO devices successfully.

How MDUP increases user adoption

Easy Onboarding

By streamlining the process for registering and enrolling devices, employees can quickly access the apps and data necessary for success.

Expectation Setting

With clear communication of dos and don’ts for using devices and protecting them, well-written policies make employee buy-in simple.

Consistent Enforcement

From onboarding to offboarding, every employee is subject to the same device usage standards and consequences of policy violations.

The breakdown of a mobile device usage policy

Each company’s journey to discovering meaningful mobility is unique. However, the need for well-written and communicated policies and procedures is universal. If you’re considering transitioning to the digital workspace and managing a diverse set of devices, use this handy guide to create a roadmap.

Create My Roadmap

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