The coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of business, but for many companies, IT has been at the forefront of implementing changes necessitated by safety precautions such as shelter-in-place orders worldwide.

The Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse, Coronavirus Flash Survey was conducted in March 2020 and asked IT decision-makers what impact they expected to see in their business amid the COVID-19 outbreak. More than half of IT professionals surveyed said they expected major disruption to their business within six months due to effects of the virus; 13 percent said they already had experienced disruption, or expected to within a month.

The changes necessitated by the pandemic fall to IT on many fronts, and many of these may become lasting shifts. Even as state and local stay-at-home orders have relaxed, few companies are experiencing a swift return to “business as usual.” We’ll explore some of the shifts we expect to see as a result of the pandemic and share how Tech Orchard can help companies adjust to the new reality.

New reality: Working from home is here to stay

About three-quarters of IT leaders said the pandemic had led to expanded work-from-home policies. As employees and IT departments have adjusted, it’s likely the remote-work trend will continue, especially for parents of children who will be out of school until fall … or longer. About 38 percent of IT pros surveyed said they expected expanded remote work to continue long-term.

Additionally, many companies banned or limited both internal and external in-person meetings during the pandemic. As a result, employees are relying on bandwidth-intensive video conferencing tools to continue collaborative work.

Let Tech Orchard help: VMware Workspace ONE and mobile device usage policies

Tech Orchard is a premier partner of VMware, which has developed the leading UEM technology available on the market: Workspace ONE. Implement this integrated digital workspace platform to streamline management of remote workers and their various devices. The user-centric approach makes working from anywhere easier for employees through single sign-on that allows employees access to any files, servers or apps — including video conferencing — needed to work effectively.

With more employees working remotely and potentially relying on a phone or tablet when not in the office, Tech Orchard can help companies develop a comprehensive mobile strategy, including Mobile Device Usage Policies. Creating and enforcing these policies contribute to cybersecurity and also clearly define consequences for misuse and how IT should respond.

New reality: Hiring process interruptions

In light of the pandemic, the combination of business disruption and lack of opportunity to meet with people in person has led many businesses to delay hiring. In fact, 34 percent of enterprises said hiring new staff was on hold in March 2020. For some companies, the situation may endure, while for others, hiring freezes will prove temporary.

Let Tech Orchard help: Onboard employees through Workspace ONE

For companies that can resume hiring relatively soon, Workspace ONE’s onboarding solution makes the process seamless — even when bringing on workers remotely. The solution allows onboarding of new employees with all apps and devices needed in less than an hour. New devices can be set up within minutes from anywhere in the world, and access policies can be implemented right away.

New reality: Spending more on supporting technologies

In order to support widespread remote work and potentially employees using multiple devices to access their work, many businesses expect to spend more on supporting technologies, according to the Coronavirus Flash Survey:

  • 43% say they’ll increase spending on employee communication and collaboration tools
  • 37% say they’ll increase spending on mobile devices and services
  • 32% say they’ll increase spending on bandwidth and network capacity
  • 28% say they’ll increase spending on information security

Traditionally, enterprises have relied upon virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow employees secure access to company systems. However, as the number of remote workers increases, it becomes hard to scale capacity through VPNs, according to Scott Crawford, research vice president, security and 451 Research for S&P Global Market Intelligence. Secure, cloud-based solutions present a way for companies to scale capacity for the systems they plan to implement to support remote employees.

Let Tech Orchard help: Rely on VMware’s holistic solutions

Tech Orchard can help companies of all sizes to support a growing remote workforce. VMware’s Workspace ONE is designed to evolve siloed cloud and mobile investments. The platform incorporates cybersecurity measures and removes the burden of increasing server capacity from the company by bringing the tools and devices your employees need together in a cloud-based system. Workspace ONE can support company-owned and bring-your-own-device management policies. No matter which choice the company makes for expanding its infrastructure, Tech Orchard and VMware can help IT teams manage the increased load.

New reality: Increased strain on IT resources

By adding devices, tools and layers of security, businesses will see increased strain on IT resources. In fact, 41 percent of IT leaders said they already had begun to feel it. Another 14 percent said they expected the workload would increase within the next three months. With the additional work expected from IT teams, 34 percent of enterprises said they are already spending more on IT resources and assets.

Let Tech Orchard help: Let Tech Orchard relieve some of that burden

As demands ramp up for IT departments, company leaders can look for an opportunity to offload some work to service providers and experts. Tech Orchard is an ideal partner for IT teams. By tapping into our experience with Workspace ONE, we can streamline key processes, helping set up and deploy a system that will allow the company to scale for the long run.

Many businesses are embarking upon a new journey that includes increased remote work and the additional resources required to support this workforce. Fortunately, Tech Orchard is well equipped to help your business adjust smartly, safely and securely. Contact us at to discuss your company’s needs.