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Phil Poje

Tech Orchard adds EUC solutions engineer to team, expands client support

As IT leaders look for cost-effective ways to secure their corporate infrastructure without hindering employee productivity or limiting device accessibility, the value of a modern management approach is coming sharply into focus. To ensure Tech Orchard is well positioned to address the growing demand for help transitioning successfully to the digital workspace, we are pleased to announce the addition of Tom Bollig to our team.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges lack of transparency around iPhone throttling

For years Apple has developed a reputation for customer-centric design and has built an incredible brand following in doing so. Therefore, the news of the company admitting to purposely slowing older iPhone models came as a bit of a shock to many. But what does it really mean to the future of Apple? Will the iPhone throttling scandal have a long-term affect on its customer loyalty … or has the fallout already come and gone? Our own Phil Poje weighs in on CRN. Read More

TechOrchard joins KC Business Journal fraud/risk roundtable

Each month during the second half of 2015, the KC Business Journal is hosting a roundtable with a panel of experts discussing a topic relevant in business today. This month, the focus was fraud/risk.

Given that corruption, billing schemes, check tampering, card skimming and other variations of theft frequent the business world, they can cost business owners time, money and even company reputation. But preventing an occurrence can also be costly, so how can organizations protect their interests across the board?
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Hear TechOrchard’s CEO Phil Poje at Infotec 2014

At this year’s Infotec held in Omaha, NE, CEO of TechOrchard Phil Poje had the opportunity to discuss security concerns with Jim Collison, “The Average Guy,” of mobility and how organizations can develop mobile strategies that adhere to the cultures, policies, and growth of a given company.

Infotec — BYOD Trends

Infotec — Active Sync

infotec — Passcode

Infotec — Mobile Security & Free Wi-Fi

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