Most online users are leaving their accounts susceptible to hackers — which means that your employees could introduce risks to company data. Consider the following statistics from a TeleSign consumer security report:

  • 73% of online accounts use duplicated passwords
  • 54% of consumers use five or fewer passwords across online accounts
  • 22% of consumers use three or fewer passwords

One of the most common security mistakes noted by TeleSign is using the same password across multiple accounts. That behavior can cause a domino effect: Once one account is hacked, every account with the same password can be breached.

When your company’s financial documents, employment records, proprietary information or customer data are on the line, multi-factor authentication is an essential tool. Considering that more workers than ever are telecommuting and potentially working through less secure networks than they would at the office, use of the highest-security tools is paramount.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes known as two-factor authentication (2FA), is a security tool that asks users to present two forms of evidence that they are who they say they are and that they should be allowed access to a portal or account. An example many online users are familiar with is entering a password, then confirming identity via a code that is sent to the phone number or email on file for that account.

VMware Workspace ONE is committed to helping businesses keep their data safe. The platform recently upgraded its MFA model to enhance user experience. Now, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub has integrated authentication verification capabilities. The integration has several benefits:

  • One less app to deploy and maintain
  • Ease of onboarding for the user — only one place to go for applications and authentication
  • Enforcement of biometric-based authentication across managed and registered devices
  • No phone number required to register the device for MFA
  • Simple migration of existing VMware Verify users through the Workspace ONE management console
  • Faster enablement of secure remote work

Workspace ONE offers additional features that reduce security and compliance risks without compromising your employee’s productivity. Tech Orchard can answer your questions about how to protect company data through MFA and all the security features Workspace ONE has to offer. Connect with us to schedule a call at a time that’s convenient for you or reach out via email for a deeper dive into this and all of the security features inherent in Workspace ONE.