Many businesses and employees were pulled into the remote work sphere in 2020. Those who were thrust into scenarios they hadn’t planned for discovered kinks in their systems that had to be smoothed out or worked around in order to continue business.

Workspace ONE from VMware creates a seamless remote work experience that allows companies to avoid the types of roadblocks they may hit in muddling through a haphazard changeover to telecommuting. Tech Orchard has assisted companies in a variety of industries in their transition to Workspace ONE, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of its ease of use and security features. These companies have the added advantage of Tech Orchard’s support team, consisting of experienced and credentialed experts that help clients maximize the value of the platform and troubleshoot challenges. Tech Orchard provides white glove support for direct access to deployment engineers, resulting in simplified solutions maintenance.

In our role as a support team, Tech Orchard has discovered some of the most common device management and operational licensing issues users face. These may come up for new or existing clients during onboarding or over time as user licensing changes, certifications expire and new apps are accessed. We’ve compiled our tips to address some of the most frequently asked questions related to iOS devices and Workspace ONE.

Syncing issues

Problem: Multiple iOS devices are not synchronizing with the Workspace ONE UEM console. Devices have not checked in according to the configured synchronization interval.

Solution: More than likely, the APNs certificate has expired. The UEM console can provide guidance on renewing the APNs certificate through Apple’s Push Certificates Portal. You will need to know the Apple ID used for authentication into this website and the associated password to renew, indicated by the red arrow below.

Missing apps

Problem: Multiple iOS devices are not able to download applications that are uploaded in the Workspace ONE UEM catalog. No error messages are showing on the device or in the UEM console.

Solution: If the Apple application has been newly uploaded to the Workspace ONE UEM catalog and no devices have downloaded the application previously, make sure the “Enable Device Assignment” button has been activated, as indicated by the red arrow below.

If you do not see this button, we suggest that you validate you have “unallocated” licenses available for the specific application.

Licensing verification

Problem: We are not able to determine how many licenses we are currently using within the Workspace ONE UEM console. Where can we find this information?

Solution: Verify that you are accessing the parent organizational level within the Workspace ONE UEM console. Select “Monitor” and then “Admin Panel” (in the left-hand frame). The full listing of Workspace ONE UEM licenses purchased by your organization will populate, as indicated by the red arrow below.

Enrolling users

Problem: We are not successful enrolling users that are part of Active Directory.

Solution: Verify that the AirWatch Cloud Connector connectivity is active. Perform a connectivity test from within the UEM console. Go to “Groups & Settings” -> “All Settings” -> “System” -> “Enterprise Integration” -> “Cloud Connector” and click the “Test Connection” button, indicated by the red arrow below. If the results are not successful, access your AirWatch Cloud Connector servers and restart the AirWatch Cloud Connector service.

Logged events

Problem: How am I able to see an event log of actions that have taken place on a specific device? Is there a location where I can view these logs?

Solution: Locate the device you are researching within the UEM console and select it. Within the device’s information screen, there will be options to access additional menus. Choose the “More” menu and select the “Troubleshooting” option, indicated by the red arrow below.

Other issues

Tech Orchard is always ready to help clients and prospective clients troubleshoot whenever they run into a snag — it’s a key component of our customized support. Contact with any questions about Workspace ONE. And for those who are ready for a solution that not only makes the work experience seamless but also provides a knowledgeable team to handle any bumps in the road, we’d love to hear from you at