People are more connected than ever in history. We’re rarely far from a device that links us to the rest of the world. As a result, businesses have benefitted from reaching larger audiences and enjoying more connection opportunities with employees.

With all these online inroads, however, comes the opportunity for malicious actors to infiltrate your network. During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, take time to review internal policies and refresh your employees on proper online “hygiene” to keep your business safe from data breaches or attacks. Consider these unfortunate statistics:

Tech Orchard has compiled tips and resources that can be shared with employees as a reminder that everyone has some responsibility in protecting your company’s data.


Bad actors may use email or malicious websites to infect a machine with malware. These attacks aim to harvest personal or login information and could lead to a breach of company data.


Any business that accepts online payments on their website is at risk for e-skimming attacks, where criminals introduce a skimming code on e-commerce payment processing pages to capture credit card and personally identifiable information.

Internet of Things

Internet-connected devices add convenience to our lives, but they can also introduce security weaknesses when work devices are connected to an unsecured home network. Read more about how the work-from-home revolution leaves business open to potential cybersecurity threats.


Password safety is crucial, and it’s also simpler than people may think. Top password tips:

  • Use the longest password allowed.
  • Use unique passwords for every account.
  • Use a password manager to remember passwords. Make the master password difficult but memorable.
  • More password tips to share with employees.

For a comprehensive approach to endpoint security, VMware Workspace ONE for digital environments offers extra protection for company data. Its zero-trust security framework empowers employees and monitors users, apps and endpoints continuously and in real time. Micro-segregation capabilities allow teams to minimize the attack surface across the company network. It can also ensure only security-compliant devices can access the network. A single-sign-on (SSO) model makes the user experience convenient — employees only have to remember one master password.

Let Tech Orchard be your guide to making cybersecurity a top priority for your workforce. We can help your team create or revise Mobile Device Usage Policies to keep employees updated on the latest in security strategies and company expectations. We can also discuss how VMware Workspace ONE can help protect your company data and your employees from cybersecurity threats. Contact to keep the cybersecurity awareness conversation going year-round.