Businesses of all types have been going digital at their own pace, but the coronavirus pandemic has indisputably sped up the process. In the wake of shutdown orders, retailers and restaurants had to quickly modify their game plan. Many stores and eateries had crafted their business model around inviting people into their space to be served. For safety reasons, interactions now should be short and involve as little contact as possible. As a result, numerous businesses in the retail industry risked being left behind if they were unable to keep up with changing trends and new requirements.

Pre-pandemic, some retailers and restaurants adopted the model of equipping employees with handheld devices that allow them to conduct transactions, access inventory or product information, and more. This trend is likely to accelerate as businesses seek ways to improve customer service while adhering to regulations and prioritizing employee and customer safety.

These devices can help create a seamless experience, which decreases friction in moving consumers to a sale and improves customer retention. The devices offer additional benefits in today’s retail environment. First, they can help minimize contact by allowing one employee to serve all of the customer’s needs, from accessing inventory information to looking up order details to conducting transactions. In addition, interactions can happen more quickly when the employee has all the necessary information at his or her fingertips.

However, with greater numbers of devices comes a larger responsibility to secure them and the data they record, particularly when financial information is part of digital transactions. Tech Orchard offers retailers a variety of solutions that can help them manage and secure these devices to maximize the value they bring to the bottom line.

Our mobility and endpoint management expertise, when paired with our proprietary Mobility by Design process, makes us uniquely qualified to help retailers who want to begin or expand their use of handheld devices. Whether the devices are supplied by the employer or employees are expected to use their own, Tech Orchard can help streamline and simplify user access. Our team can also assist in developing mobile device usage policies (MDUP) to govern how devices should be used and what information can be accessed by whom.

With these additional devices as part of a business’s IT ecosystem comes the need for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). As a premier partner of VMware, Tech Orchard can offer retailers the leading UEM technology available: Workspace ONE. VMware’s Workspace ONE can help businesses set up and secure any devices, including Apple phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, laptops, and rugged devices, ensuring the entire point-of-sale system is seamlessly integrated. Workspace ONE allows easy onboarding of new employees who use the devices, and it can be done remotely. Through a single sign-on, employees will have access to the information they need from any device. Zero trust security prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to the data for added peace of mind.

If your business is ready to step further into the digital realm, let Tech Orchard be your guide. Contact to learn how we can help address business continuity needs and support continued growth.