The evolution of technology has created an environment rife with choice. Whether maximizing the value of your Amazon Prime account or keeping your contacts up to speed on social media, we’re constantly faced with making decisions about what to buy, what to share … and what device we want to use when completing these activities. Unfortunately for today’s IT teams, choice has led to the common challenge of determining how to manage multiple operating systems simultaneously — while eliminating the headache and cost traditionally associated with doing so.

Every week, I come in contact with professionals who are tasked with trying to manage devices running on macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 7 and Windows 10. This may come as no surprise given the varying use cases, employee preferences and line of business requirements that impact device use.Before this year, IT teams had to use various solutions to manage and secure these operating systems, all at a significant cost both monetarily and in terms of the manpower required to do so. But now, with modern tools such as VMware Workspace One, the ability to manage multiple operating systems and devices from a single platform is not only available but also cost-effective and easy to use.

VMware has become the Switzerland of solutions, thereby simplifying management and security of these different tools. From desktops and laptops, to tablets and smartphones, to rugged devices and wearables, Workspace ONE can handle it all seamlessly and comprehensively. Plus, VMware’s Our partnerships with key OS providers and device manufacturers mean that their solutions support new devices and updates upon release. Ultimately, this allows organizations to address deploying, managing, monitoring and servicing any number of devices (and thereby operating systems) within their IT environment in a single console.

As the digital transformation continues to evolve, IT professionals must continue using tools that streamline and simplify the management and secure access to company data across eco-systems. Spend just two minutes to learn more about the Workspace ONE platform and how it can help your IT team securely enable workers to adopt the technologies they need to improve productive and enhance workplace satisfaction.

Please contact us for demonstrations and case studies on how leaders are using the most comprehensive unified endpoint management (UEM) solution on the market to manage multiple operating systems, and save time and money.

Enterprise Mobility Expert Phil Poje, CEO of Tech Orchard

Phil Poje | CEO, Tech Orchard

A serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of executive leadership and ownership experience, Phil has a unique understanding of the challenges that exist within the rapidly growing technology sector. Contact him directly at to discuss innovative ways for overcoming those challenges and propelling your organization to new levels of success.