By Vlad Savov | September 26, 2014 | The Verge

Samsung puts on its designer suit

Imagine what Samsung could do, if it tried.

Earlier this year, we concluded our Galaxy S5 review on a note of optimism about the awesome potential of a well designed Samsung smartphone. It turns out that Samsung was already working on the thing we were asking for, which launches on AT&T today under the title of Galaxy Alpha.

Instead of tacky chrome accents on cheap plastic, the Alpha has a real metal frame. It looks an awful lot like a smaller and thinner Galaxy S5 — because that’s what it is — but the way that it feels is dramatically different. I first laid my hands on the Galaxy Alpha at IFA earlier this month and was immediately hooked by its svelte and subtle design. For the first time ever, I was drawn to a Samsung phone because of its design, not in spite of it. The last member of Samsung’s expansive smartphone family to even come close to such status was the Galaxy S II, which came out more than three years ago. The Alpha is, therefore, aptly named as the inaugurator of what may be a brave new era for Samsung.  Read More…