2020 has been many things, but from a technology standpoint, this has been the Year of Remote Work. As a Premier Partner of VMware, Tech Orchard has helped our clients stay connected with employees who are working from home with VMware Workspace ONE without compromising data security.

As working remotely and securely becomes an increasingly pressing need for companies across industries, we wanted to make clear the role Tech Orchard plays in managing thousands of mobile devices for our clients. To that end, we are excited to launch our revamped website at TechOrchard.com!

The journey to managed mobility is different for every organization, so we’ve compiled resources that apply across the spectrum — for those just beginning to research the digital workspace to those who have fully transitioned. Our new Mobility Best Practices Resource Library provides access to case studies, videos, infographics, whitepapers, research and more to help any company maximize its digital transformation.

Our case studies provide valuable insights on how the digital workspace applies to clients in a variety of settings, including healthcare, health insurance, law, finance, government, pharmaceuticals, construction, food distribution and media. They also illustrate how our solutions address compliance requirements such as HIPAA, DCI, FINRA and others. Even for those outside of those industries, the principles and successes can apply across the board.

Once you have found the information that relates to your business situation, let Tech Orchard step in: Reach out to us at sales@techorchard.com. We can discuss your needs, whether it’s getting started with Workspace ONE, troubleshooting, developing mobile device usage policies for your workforce or anything in between. Our continued training in VMware products keeps us up to date on the latest features that can benefit your business.

As the way we work changes, make sure your business remains ahead of the curve, rather than suffer the consequences of being left behind. Your employees expect immediate access to the data, tools and information needed to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. With Workspace ONE, Tech Orchard and VMware can simplify your journey to complete digital transformation.

Enterprise Mobility Expert Phil Poje, CEO of Tech Orchard

Phil Poje | CEO, Tech Orchard

A serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of executive leadership and ownership experience, Phil has a unique understanding of the challenges that exist within the rapidly growing technology sector. Contact him directly at phil@techorchard.com to discuss innovative ways for overcoming those challenges and propelling your organization to new levels of success.