The managed mobility space is constantly evolving. In order to keep up and operate on the leading edge in your organization, it’s important to set clear, attainable goals for the coming year. In reality, there are more than 10+ goals that are constant topics of discussion right now regarding the management of mobile devices and endpoints in corporate environments. However, Tech Orchard has identified and broken out the following three topics as priority for your consideration.

1. Capitalize on the value of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

As you know, all endpoints, including mobile devices, Windows 10, Mac OS and rugged, are priority areas of focus when considering security and device management. VMware’s Workspace ONE UEM solution now has the ability to provide the desired security and device management in a single platform. Organizational leaders can minimize their IT staff’s administration of multiple point solutions (i.e., Jamf, SOTI and Microsoft SCCM) by implementing Workspace ONE UEM to manage all endpoints. Ultimately, having this capability allows businesses to simplify work tasks and reduce costs by delivering the seamlessness of provisioning, setting up, updating, managing, patching, inventorying and securing all endpoints in a comprehensive approach.

If you haven’t looked at Workspace ONE within the last six months, you will be amazed at the power of the platform! Contact the Tech Orchard team for a demo.

2. Enable or update your Mobile Device Usage Policy (MDUP)

First, do you have a clear, concise Mobile Device Usage Policy (MDUP) for both corporate-owned and BYO (personally owned) devices that correlates with your company’s best practices? If you don’t have one, it’s essential you make this a priority. Even if you do, this shouldn’t be a “set it and forget it” type of policy.

When leveraging Workspace ONE to secure and manage corporate data on personal devices in particular, these policies can be uploaded to the platform and configured for “user acceptance” prior to management. Workspace ONE even has a Privacy App that shows your end-users exactly what functionality is being monitored (and what is not), assisting in your policy’s adoption rate among BYO users. Tech Orchard has helped organizations of all sizes in all industries with creating, updating and implementing well-designed policies, and we can help you configure the required profiles within Workspace ONE UEM as well.

3. Provide remote mobile management capabilities

With Workspace ONE Assist (formerly called Workspace ONE Advance Remote Management), users can remotely troubleshoot issues on any managed device without physically touching the device. IT and help desk staff can use it to eliminate the guess work in trying to determine a user’s issue and instead enjoy real-time viewing and/or control of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows managed devices. This will save your IT service desk several hours in support calls and provide a better end-user experience while mitigating lost revenue and productivity. The Tech Orchard team is poised and ready to help you transition into this remote management environment through the Workspace ONE console. Just give us a call to get started.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our experts are looking forward to assisting you with managing all your endpoints and making sure you are on track for meeting and exceeding your 2020 mobility goals!

Enterprise Mobility Expert Phil Poje, CEO of Tech Orchard

Phil Poje | CEO, Tech Orchard

A serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of executive leadership and ownership experience, Phil has a unique understanding of the challenges that exist within the rapidly growing technology sector. Contact him directly at to discuss innovative ways for overcoming those challenges and propelling your organization to new levels of success.