Continually, when I read public articles relating to VMware’s Workspace ONE solution, the highlights focus on identity management, application delivery and device Management. I agree, these are the core facets of the solution. Yet not much conversation is centered around the functionality of these topics in unison, providing a holistic security solution for any size enterprise.

In today’s world, there’s a growing concern of how to secure confidential information on all endpoints that have access to corporate resources. There are always drastic means of completing this task, but how can you balance that security against an efficient (and friendly) end-user experience? This is where Workspace ONE’s niche comes to life.

Traditional VPN vs. the Published Application Model

The traditional VPN solution, in production for most organizations, allows for full device connectivity to corporate resources. While extensive firewall rules and routing can limit some of this exposure, the attack vector may still be significant. 

Workspace ONE’s published application model enables any device to receive specific entitlements by:

  • What types of devices can access applications (Win10, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Which applications can be accessed (conditional access)
  • When those applications can be accessed (geofencing)
  • Where those applications can be accessed from (internal vs. external network)
  • How those applications are launched (corporate LAN vs. VPN)

Read Security for the Digital Workspace from VMare’s Workspace ONE product documentation for more detailed information.

Click on the links below to gain additional understanding of VMware’s Workspace ONE Trust Network:

Workspace ONE Intelligence

Your IT team goes above and beyond to implement the best Workspace ONE solution for the company. The end-user population is elated there’s a platform that allows them to work any place, any time on any device. Management is thrilled with their new VMware product. Now, how do you determine what is beneficial and what is still proving to be inefficient? How can processes become leaner?

This is where Workspace ONE Intelligence comes into play! A new update was just released August 21, 2019. Improve user experience, optimize resources and strengthen security and compliance across your entire Digital Workspace.

This article only scratches the surface regarding the combined usage of VMware’s Workspace ONE products. When combined with additional VMware solutions, the whole ecosystem has immense possibility. Take the time, do the research and evaluate your organization’s current and future needs. (Or contact our team and let us do the heavy lifting!) Every organization has a need to transform their workplace digitally. Workspace ONE and a host of other VMware products will get you there efficiently and securely.