Legacy management is everywhere. IT departments are scrambling to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. Cloud-based services, changing employee preferences and increased cyber security threats make it impossible to succeed in the silos of the past. Companies who are surviving and thriving are doing so by transitioning to the digital workspace and adopting a modern management approach that can keep pace with current and anticipated changes.

Throughout the past decade, we’ve witnessed the infiltration of mobile devices in the workforce as part of this evolution. What was previously mobile device management (MDM) became enterprise mobility management (EMM). Eventually we came to this current place of unified endpoint management (UEM) where we recognize it’s more than simply managing devices or even evaluating mobility on an enterprise level — it’s about finding a simple way to successfully and safely manage all endpoints within an organization through one platform that can support various use cases.

Though the approach has continued to refine itself over time, our mission and vision for clients has never wavered. Tech Orchard has always been about helping organizations discover meaningful mobility. To do so, both then and now, we use a proprietary four-step process.

  1. Discover
    We start by asking questions and trying to better understand how you’re using technology and how you want to use technology. By gathering information about your specific goals, as well as the mobility opportunities andtt challenges unique to your business and your industry, we can better determine how to move forward on a clear path to success.
  2. Design
    Utilizing our strategic VMware partnership and the knowledge and experience of our team, we begin to outline a customized plan for how we can optimize mobility in your organization. We account for employee buy-in and create clear mobile device usage policies that will keep everyone on the same page and engaged in the process.
  3. Deploy
    With every part of your plan thoroughly vetted and solidified, we begin aggregating the tools and resources you need to optimize mobility in the workplace. Using Workspace ONE as the foundation, we can begin helping you transition to the digital workspace while training end-users to minimize any downtime.
  4. Support
    Goals and priorities change. Compliance and regulations evolve. Your technology should, too. We work with companies to maximize the value of their UEM and mobility investment over time, ensuring your technology is keeping pace with your organization and you’re staying one step ahead of any hurdles on the horizon.

Change can be hard. But remaining stagnant can be deadly. We could go on and on listing the benefits of transitioning to the digital workspace (increasing data security, improving employee engagement, raising productivity levels, optimizing cost savings, eliminating duplication of work, freeing up IT time and resources, etc.), but more importantly, you have to decide if you want to remain relevant and, if so, how you’re going to make it happen. If and when you’re ready, contact us. We can shoulder the burden and help you get where you’re going more effectively and efficiently.