If a productive employee is a happy employee, are your employees happy? Or are they bogged down by apps crashing, restarting devices and remembering multiple login credentials?

According to recent market research, the top Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools balance employee experience with safety and security.

In this day and age, 80 percent of senior IT and business leaders believe their employees can’t do their jobs effectively without a smartphone. A survey from 2012 reported that employees then used an average of 2.3 devices for work . As the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, additional workplace tools have become part of the network that employees must interact with on a daily basis and are essential to their workflow.

To keep employees happy, ensure they can do their job with minimal tech-related annoyances. Features that enable a productive digital employee experience (EX) limit unnecessary switching from app to app and, overall, remove friction from the process of doing what they are trying to do. Other keys to employee experience include a path to modern management, which improves end user computing manageability, and offering advanced security capabilities natively.

VMware’s Workspace ONE stands out as an EX leader in recent studies for combining endpoint management, virtual desktops and apps, support for a wide array of operating systems and form factors, its single sign-on (SSO) experience, and unique productivity tools within its product information management (PIM) apps, such as Mobile Flows.

In addition to its strength in EX, VMware recently rolled out expanded security solutions, reducing the risk to critical applications, sensitive data and users.

“VMware believes we have to stop adding more and more complexity in an effort to solve cybersecurity challenges, and instead use our infrastructure as part of the solution. In short, we must make security intrinsic,” says Sanjay Poonen, VMware’s COO of customer operations.

As a VMware Solution Provider Partner, Tech Orchard can help your company implement an enhanced employee experience that also protects them, their data and the business. Make it your New Year’s resolution to make your employees both happier and more productive. Contact Tech Orchard to make it happen.