Chances are there’s a drawer or closet in your office that has become the technology graveyard. As employees update phones, tablets and more, these devices sometimes pile up without a plan of action.

Computerworld has good news: Many of these previous-generation Android phones and tablets can be given new life by using them for specific tasks.

The publication rounded up 20 great uses for an old Android device, and many of them can be used at the office — some can help increase productivity, and others just provide a cool factor.

A few of the more useful suggestions for businesses included:

  • Wireless trackpad and controller
  • Remote terminal
  • Universal smart remote
  • Free-standing security camera
  • Video conferencing station
  • Emergency use
  • Testing devices

Some of the options aren’t necessarily must-haves for the office, but they could add a bit of tech-powered fun:

  • Window to the world: Using the EarthCam Webcams app, pull up views from around the world. Perhaps employees can take turns choosing the view.
  • Digital photo frame: Add photos of employees, events and products, and let them cycle through in a high-traffic area.
  • Dedicated desk calendar: Keep track of companywide events, or use it for quick reference of shared calendars for an office manager.
  • High-tech clock

Check out the Computerworld article for full details on any of these new uses for old devices. Tech Orchard can help your business set up any of these devices for their “new life” and ensure the network connections remain secure.