Most businesses today continue to sink a large portion of their IT budget into Microsoft Windows desktop/server OS, config management and Office products, with an overwhelming trend in adopting a cloud model. Therefore, employees are consuming Office apps on mobile devices almost as much as traditional PCs.  

Enterprise IT and security have been mostly effective at managing users and apps within the perimeter of a corporate network; however, delivering and securing corporate apps and services on mobile devices, with a dynamic perimeter that is constantly changing, poses a fundamentally different challenge. Many still believe the only way to secure corporate data is to restrict access to domain-joined devices. But as you can imagine or may know firsthand, this can render use of Microsoft Productivity apps … well, anything but productive.

The transition to a cloud-based solution is rapidly evolving from basic MDM (mobile device management) into a wholistic digital workspace solution. VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch, simplifies this journey and solves these critical mobile device security challenges by providing a single solution for integrated management and security across all apps, on any devices and any OS.  

How can Workspace ONE improve the user experience and adoption of your Microsoft investment?

Enterprise Single Sign-On for Office Apps

  • Sync domain users/groups for controlling access to Office 365
  • Deliver Office 365 apps and email configurations automatically or on-demand
  • Authenticate users via the same identity as their corporate account
  • Leverage VMware Identity Manager as a standalone provider or integrated with third-party identity providers

Conditional Access to Authorized Users and Devices

  • Restrict access to Office 365 apps and services such as Exchange Online, One Drive for Business and Skype for Business to only compliant and managed devices
  • Give devices access to resources based on contextual factors like location and organizational role
  • Support different claim rules for authentication based on the device platform (mobile, desktop or web)

Data Loss Protection and Conditional Access

  • Manage Microsoft DLP (cut, copy, paste) settings natively in the Workspace ONE console
  • Restrict which apps can access company data through cross-platform controls
  • Provide a more granular approach than simply allowing or blocking device access based on MDM enrollment

Securing O365 Email

  • Secure corporate data and attachments on any mobile device or platform
  • Offer the same level of security and control for cloud vs. on-premise email content and traffic
  • Take advantage of flexible email client options including Boxer, Outlook or Native

Windows 10 Configuration Management

  • Employ modern management for Windows 10 updates and Configuration Service Provider policies
  • Enjoy single pane of glass configuration management for Windows 10 and mobile devices
  • Offer simple user onboarding with no dependency of being on a corporate network or domain joined
  • Capitalize on the value of co-management flexibility to work with SCCM in a hybrid model

Have questions about how to maximize the value of Microsoft Productivity apps in your environment? Want to see a demo or just brainstorm the possibilities? The Tech Orchard team is here to help!