For decades, PCs were institutional at the vast majority of large, corporate companies. IT traditionalists balked at integrating Macs into their network, despite the quality, security and capability of these Apple devices. As the proliferation of tablets and smartphones in the workplace increased, it made IT’s job increasingly complex. But with the advent of unified endpoint management (UEM) technology, incorporating Apple in the enterprise is both seamless and simple.

Thanks to macOS High Sierra, IT teams can now use the same management framework for managing iOS devices by leveraging unified endpoint management (UEM) technology. With VMware Workspace ONE UEM, powered by AirWatch, you can even manage the entire macOS lifecycle from the same cloud-powered console used to manage any app on any device. In other words, iPhones and iPads have become “just another device” to Workspace ONE. This single management solution even supports corporate-owned and BYO Macs, as well as line of business kiosk or shared device use cases, without blinking an eye.

Furthermore, delivering apps is simple using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) integration. Companies can also choose to ship out devices ready for sign in through the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The two business apps with Workspace ONE provide zero-touch IT configurations for those who can benefit from Apple in the enterprise. This modern and comprehensive approach saves companies countless hours maintaining iOS and Mac devices through the device life cycle while gaining full visibility into deployment. Ultimately the low-touch approach is helping companies using Workspace ONE enhance the bottom line.

When all tied together, these Workspace ONE features ensure the enterprise can send out devices that meet strict compliance and security policies while providing users with a quick, easy way to get to work. Users can have WiFi, email and VPN profiles pushed to the device as well as certificates with no action on the user’s behalf. They are able to be productive immediately when they sign in.

If your organization is on the fence about incorporating Apple in the enterprise, give us a call to discuss your options. It may be more cost-effective and efficient than you ever thought possible. Meanwhile, I can only imagine more big things to come in 2019 regarding Apple and Workspace ONE integration. Stay tuned, because the Tech Orchard team will keep you up to date!