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Tech Orchard adds EUC solutions engineer to team, expands client support

As IT leaders look for cost-effective ways to secure their corporate infrastructure without hindering employee productivity or limiting device accessibility, the value of a modern management approach is coming sharply into focus. To ensure Tech Orchard is well positioned to address the growing demand for help transitioning successfully to the digital workspace, we are pleased to announce the addition of Tom Bollig to our team.

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VMware Workspace ONE 9.7: Understanding the latest release

Apple and Windows 10 users, listen up! VMware has just announced a number of management and security enhancements as part of its Workspace ONE 9.7 release. Within these updates are a number of new functionalities for iOS 12 users and a provisioning package for Windows 10 users available through Dell Factory Services. To find out how to make the most of these enhancements, watch VMware’s six-minute video summarizing what’s new.
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Digital workspace solutions: Leveraging the IT Swiss Army knife

The advancement of technology and the current pace of conducting business have changed the way we think about solving problems. Today’s premier IT leaders are constantly challenged with identifying and eliminating siloed solutions. Meanwhile, they are looking to find and/or develop programs, applications and other technologies that are robust and easy to integrate, and that handle everything from systematizing operations and streamlining functionality to accomplishing multiple tasks at once. In other words, they’re looking for the “digital” Swiss Army knife. Read More

Stop struggling to manage multiple operating systems

The evolution of technology has created an environment rife with choice. Whether maximizing the value of your Amazon Prime account or keeping your contacts up to speed on social media, we’re constantly faced with making decisions about what to buy, what to share … and what device we want to use when completing these activities. Unfortunately for today’s IT teams, choice has led to the common challenge of determining how to manage multiple operating systems simultaneously — while eliminating the headache and cost traditionally associated with doing so. Read More

Wearables in the workplace and what you need to know

For several years now, we’ve been watching wearable technology infiltrate our lives. From smart watches to activity trackers available from dozens of manufacturers, these devices have some people checking their wrists almost as frequently as most check their phones. While the advent of wearables seemed to be primarily focused in the consumer sector at launch, this technology has swiftly shifted into being a productivity magnet for busy adults trying to manage everything from their calendars and in-boxes to their to-do lists. As an IT leader, what should you know about wearables in the workplace? Read More

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