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Why VMware’s Workspace ONE deserves more nods for security

Continually, when I read public articles relating to VMware’s Workspace ONE solution, the highlights focus on identity management, application delivery and device Management. I agree, these are the core facets of the solution. Yet not much conversation is centered around the functionality of these topics in unison, providing a holistic security solution for any size enterprise.

In today’s world, there’s a growing concern of how to secure confidential information on all endpoints that have access to corporate resources. There are always drastic means of completing this task, but how can you balance that security against an efficient (and friendly) end-user experience? This is where Workspace ONE’s niche comes to life.

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Evolving digital workspace requires unified endpoint management (UEM)

At Tech Orchard, we are no strangers to the digital workspace, a space that is constantly evolving. We continue to see businesses challenged with balancing employee needs for productivity and mobile collaboration with a secure environment that features the same ease-of-use expected from a consumer-like experience. Underscored by the expanding bring your own device (BYOD) culture, the current digital workspace points to a clear need for unified endpoint management (UEM). Read More

10 tips to control security on your Mac OS laptop

Protecting your privacy and keeping data secure on a computer, whether running a Windows, Mac or other operating system, is more important than ever in today’s internet and cybersecurity environment. Many Apple users assume that the Mac OS is more secure and less prone to exposure. While partially true, the reality is no OS is totally immune from phishing attempts, man-in-the-middle attacks, malware-infected applications, or internet and email links to unsafe web pages. However, you can do more than you think to protect yourself and your Mac by taking control of some key system settings and paying attention to your computing habits. Read More

Managing Windows 10 in the mobile-cloud era with AirWatch

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s first truly mobile operating system designed to work seamlessly across mobile devices and PCs. This mobile-first, cloud-first platform introduces a range of enterprise-ready features across the entire device lifecycle. As a Windows 10 Launch Partner vendor, VMware has been working with Microsoft from the beginning, with AirWatch incorporating EMM management tools for Windows 10 devices since day one of the rollout in July of 2015. Read More

“What Is AirWatch?” site educates end users

What Is AirWatch?

At TechOrchard, we understand how important it is for organizations to take a holistic approach to enterprise mobility management (EMM) and, more specifically, mobile device management (MDM). As you plan to leverage the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to increase employee efficiently regardless of location, various aspects of a comprehensive mobile strategy must be thought through and addressed. A key first step is to evaluate your Mobile Device Usage Policies (MDUP). Before your company can take the technical steps needed to secure these devices and the data they can access in the enterprise, MDUP must be written to describe not only the responsibilities of the end users, but also the commitment of your organization to the privacy of your end users. Read More

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