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Top 5 enterprise mobility trends

For years we’ve been working with and talking to organizations of all sizes across industries about the value of meaningful mobility. Though some aspects of mobility are beginning to mature, the constant of technology innovation and its impact on the workforce make it important that we continue to examine current and future trends. This year, Samsung commissioned Oxford Economics to examine the state of enterprise mobility in 2018, and together they highlight five key enterprise mobility trends, some of which are no-brainers while others might surprise you. Read More

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

By Vlad Savov | September 26, 2014 | The Verge

Samsung puts on its designer suit

Imagine what Samsung could do, if it tried.

Earlier this year, we concluded our Galaxy S5 review on a note of optimism about the awesome potential of a well designed Samsung smartphone. It turns out that Samsung was already working on the thing we were asking for, which launches on AT&T today under the title of Galaxy Alpha.

Instead of tacky chrome accents on cheap plastic, the Alpha has a real metal frame. It looks an awful lot like a smaller and thinner Galaxy S5 — because that’s what it is — but the way that it feels is dramatically different. I first laid my hands on the Galaxy Alpha at IFA earlier this month and was immediately hooked by its svelte and subtle design. For the first time ever, I was drawn to a Samsung phone because of its design, not in spite of it. The last member of Samsung’s expansive smartphone family to even come close to such status was the Galaxy S II, which came out more than three years ago. The Alpha is, therefore, aptly named as the inaugurator of what may be a brave new era for Samsung.  Read More…

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