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Use of handheld devices in retail likely to accelerate, but security is paramount

Businesses of all types have been going digital at their own pace, but the coronavirus pandemic has indisputably sped up the process. In the wake of shutdown orders, retailers and restaurants had to quickly modify their game plan. Many stores and eateries had crafted their business model around inviting people into their space to be served. For safety reasons, interactions now should be short and involve as little contact as possible. As a result, numerous businesses in the retail industry risked being left behind if they were unable to keep up with changing trends and new requirements.

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Use cases for enterprise mobility by industry

In our “Making the case for enterprise mobility” post from April, we summarized popular concerns about implementing enterprise mobility management (EMM) that might be heard from individuals in various departments within an organization. We then shared uses cases addressing each of these concerns, clearly highlighting the benefits of EMM at every level. Due to the positive feedback we received, we thought we’d take the concept a step further and identify use cases by industry. Read More

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