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Top 5 mobility predictions for 2017

Mobility Predictions for 2017

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on recent experiences helping companies discover meaningful mobility and detail our expectations in this space for the coming year. Below are not only our top five mobility predictions for 2017, but quick tips on how you can address them in your organization. Read More

An inside look at the mobile app r•evolution

If you’ve used your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device today, think about what you’ve used it for. Did it include emailing, surfing the web, accessing work documents or communicating to others? More than likely, you’ve used an app or two in the process. Why? Because apps are where it’s at when it comes to mobile usage today. Read More

Shortcuts for switching between open programs

Shortcuts are a great way to maximize your productivity with minimal effort. Recently, we had a client ask about shortcuts for switching between open programs in the new Windows 10. We realized if one client is asking, there are surely others who are also curious and could benefit from this information! Not a Windows user? No worries. We’re also sharing tips for those using Mac OS X El Capitan. Read More

It’s true — Tech users love mobile apps

With the advent of more and more apps, individuals have the ability to complete a growing number of tasks in the mobile environment and access an increasing amount of data while doing so. From managing one’s finances to making purchases and everything in between, there most certainly is “an app for that.” But how are consumers responding to the endless number of apps in their app store? And more importantly, what does that mean for enterprises who manage both company-provided and BYOD assets? Read More

Secure data access in an unsecure world

Long before computers and digital-based data sharing, information security was a critical priority for mankind. These days, though the means by which we access information continue to constantly evolve, this priority still remains at the top of the list for individuals and companies alike. The threats we face are also changing, and therefore we must be cognizant of how to combine the right hardware, software and human action that is needed to protect our businesses without hampering employee productivity. Read More

Making the case for enterprise mobility

Making the Case for Enterprise Mobility

Despite the need for enterprise mobility constantly staring us in the face at work, companies of all sizes across vertical markets continue finding reasons to avoid moving forward with the development and implementation of a comprehensive mobile strategy. At TechOrchard, we’ll be straight with you: NOW is the time to get key stakeholders on board and get ahead of the potential for serious problems that could result from unmanaged mobile devices.  A compliance violation, data breach or privacy lawsuit could derail your organization — or possibly even shut it down — if you’re not taking proper precautions. Read More

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