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mobile threat prevention

Tech Orchard welcomes new enterprise mobility engineer

Given the frequency with which we’re hearing about ransomware attacks, data breaches and general mobility challenges, it’s no surprise that a growing number of companies are interested in implementing comprehensive mobile strategies. At the core of these plans are enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile threat prevention (MTP) solutions, and the support needed to ensure mobility goals are met. To help our growing client list better deploy and manage such solutions, Tech Orchard is proud to announce the addition of Michael Troelstrup to our team. Read More

Cyber Threat Alliance to improve intelligence through cooperation

The future is no longer on a distant horizon: Mobility has overtaken the desktop as a fundamental part of how business is conducted; cloud adoption is prompting businesses to transform how they roll out applications and services with the promise of a more agile and automated IT infrastructure; IoT is connecting greater numbers of devices; and big data is gathering information on everything from telemetry readings of sensors to how many calories have been burned during an afternoon walk. The security implications among all of these elements are significant. Read More

Top 5 mobility predictions for 2017

Mobility Predictions for 2017

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on recent experiences helping companies discover meaningful mobility and detail our expectations in this space for the coming year. Below are not only our top five mobility predictions for 2017, but quick tips on how you can address them in your organization. Read More

An inside look at the insecurity of the IoT

From data mining and machine learning to VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence), the tech industry is no stranger to its fair share of buzzwords. One that has dominated headlines throughout 2016 is IoT, or the Internet of Things. To put it simply, the IoT refers to the flourishing ecosystem of devices connected to the Internet that can generate, consume and exchange data via embedded sensors. Mobile devices, our focus here at Tech Orchard, are a critical part of this ecosystem. Read More

Mobile devices: Your company’s biggest security weakness?

Whether you’re an avid “From the Orchard” reader or simply view our blog from time to time, it’s likely you’ve noticed that we do our best to keep you out in front of major security threats and aware of ways to help combat them in your organization. While it’s probably no surprise that corporate-provided and BYOD (bring your own device) mobile assets pose a substantial risk to your company data, it’s important to understand that a balance between technology solutions and human solutions is the best way to protect your organization from harm. Read More

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City: When cybercrime hits home

As a working adult in the Kansas City area, it’s highly possible that your health insurance provider is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. If so, you may have recently received a letter from the company highlighting the fact that one of its service providers was hit with a data breach. Therefore, your member information may have potentially been exposed. Read More

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