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Mobile Security Alliance

Check Point identifies Gooligan, new Android malware campaign

After thorough research performed by our mobile threat prevention (MTP) partner, Check Point, a new and alarming type of malware campaign has been identified. Known as Gooligan, this malware is used to generate ad revenue on the Android platform. Check Point noted that as of the end of November, Gooligan had breached the security of more than one million Google accounts, with an additional 13,000 devices being impacted each day. Read More

VMware maintains its edge with significant AirWatch updates

AirWatch Updates

Last month, we shared insights into the leadership of AirWatch as evidenced by its increasing market share. In the meantime, the company continues to innovate to enhance the EMM customer experience and enable simple and enterprise secure digital workspaces for businesses of all sizes. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up on the most recent AirWatch updates, here is a quick summary for reference. Read More

Enhanced enterprise security available through new AirWatch & Intel alliance

As the EMM sector evolves, AirWatch continues to expand its offerings and improve its services through acquisitions and collaborations. This month, VMware announced an expansion of its collaboration with Intel Security to include joint solutions for customers using the AirWatch EMM solution. The two companies have partnered on two initiatives to enable technology integrations that will help enterprises meet today’s complex mobile security challenges more effectively and efficiently. Below is a summary of the partnership from AirWatch’s blog January 5. Read More

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