August 27, 2012

Tech Orchard and Cristo Rey Kansas City Partner to manage iPad One to One Deployment

Kansas City, Missouri based Cristo Rey High School, partnered with Tech Orchard, LLC, recently completed its launch of over 400 iPads to students, teachers and staff alike, in a one to one deployment that is the first of its kind in the Kansas City Metro area.  Students at Cristo Rey High School will be given iPads at no personal cost for use in classrooms, at home for homework, and will even be allowed to use their iPads for personal entertainment when not in school.  Students and Teachers alike, will use the iPads, along with several newly installed technologies in the classroom, to enrich both the teaching and learning experience.

Since the iPads will be given to students and released beyond the school bounds, administration and security for the iPads is being provided by Tech Orchard, using Fiberlink’s MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform.  With this security and administration tool, Cristo Rey will be able to easily keep track of their fleet of student and teacher iPads, the software installed on them, and even manage custom curriculum on the devices.

Cristo Rey Kansas City, Tech Orchard, and a number of other local organizations have been helping to plan and execute this Kansas City Metro area deployment for some time.  Kathleen Hanlon, President of Cristo Rey Kansas City said: “The Tech Orchard team has been invaluable in getting our 21st Century Learning Initiative with the iPad deployed.  They have assisted from the very beginning in everything from security, data protection, accessories and deployment.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Tech Orchard is excited to have helped Cristo Rey Kansas City in getting this technology into the hands of students and teachers in a secure, safe, and simple way.  Tech Orchard is also proud to have contributed to the mission if Cristo Rey Kansas City in reaching the youth of downtown Kansas City and preparing them for college life and beyond.

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