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Top 5 mobility predictions for 2017

Mobility Predictions for 2017

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on recent experiences helping companies discover meaningful mobility and detail our expectations in this space for the coming year. Below are not only our top five mobility predictions for 2017, but quick tips on how you can address them in your organization. Read More

How digital capabilities are shaping the future of banking

Financial services, and banking in particular, is an industry that has been and continues to be impacted dramatically by the evolution of technology. From mobile deposits and money transfers through apps to smart ATMs, a number of conveniences have been created that continue to shape customer expectations and loyalty. In fact, Business Insider recently posted an interesting summary of how device preferences for performing banking activities is changing.

bankingactivities_preferreddevices Read More

Workspace ONE enhancements address access to Office 365

As enterprises began favoring the shift from software running on PCs to mobile devices connected to cloud services, Microsoft 365 was all but written off by many of its critics. Fortunately for Microsoft, their vision for remaking the company into a subscription provider whose customers rent, rather than buy, software is paying off. In fact, according to Skyhigh’s Office 365 Adoption & Risk Report issued in second quarter 2016, one out of every five corporate employees was using an Office 365 cloud service, up from less than 7 percent just nine months prior. Put another way, in the last two years Office 365 has eclipsed all other cloud providers to emerge as the most widely used enterprise cloud service by user count. Read More

Apple event highlights iOS10, iPhone 7, other product updates

Last week, the Apple event put to rest much of the speculation surrounding the evolution of the iPhone 7, iOS 10, Apple Watch Series 2 and solutions for listening to music on a device without a 3.5mm headphone jack. Our friends at AirWatch have done a fantastic job summarizing the top 15 things you need to know about this Apple event, including pertinent information for AirWatch users who will want to take steps to address the roll-out of iOS10 across the enterprise. Read More

VMware launches AirWatch Express to simplify MDM

For companies with limited IT infrastructure, resources and support, the task of managing mobile devices can be perceived as costly and overly complex. Thanks to continued innovation and leadership in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, VMware has introduced a solution to eliminate these barriers to entry. AirWatch Express is a simple and affordable mobile device management (MDM) solution designed to get mobile devices up and running quickly by minimizing the technical steps typically needed for set-up and management. Read More

VMware maintains its edge with significant AirWatch updates

AirWatch Updates

Last month, we shared insights into the leadership of AirWatch as evidenced by its increasing market share and top billing in the most recent Gartner Enterprise Mobility Management Magic Quadrant. In the meantime, the company continues to innovate to enhance the EMM customer experience and enable simple and enterprise secure digital workspaces for businesses of all sizes. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up on the most recent AirWatch updates, here is a quick summary for reference. Read More

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