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Top 5 mobility predictions for 2017

Mobility Predictions for 2017

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on recent experiences helping companies discover meaningful mobility and detail our expectations in this space for the coming year. Below are not only our top five mobility predictions for 2017, but quick tips on how you can address them in your organization. Read More

Mobile devices: Your company’s biggest security weakness?

Whether you’re an avid “From the Orchard” reader or simply view our blog from time to time, it’s likely you’ve noticed that we do our best to keep you out in front of major security threats and aware of ways to help combat them in your organization. While it’s probably no surprise that corporate-provided and BYOD (bring your own device) mobile assets pose a substantial risk to your company data, it’s important to understand that a balance between technology solutions and human solutions is the best way to protect your organization from harm. Read More

A breakdown of enterprise mobility management market share

As a company committed to helping other organizations understand, implement and benefit from the value of enterprise mobility management (EMM), we continue to stay on top of industry trends and how they affect our clients and prospects. Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC) released a report titled Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software Market Shares, 2015: Consolidation of Vendors and Market Share Changes the Landscape. The findings underscore the shift in the marketplace toward AirWatch by VMware, something we’re working with clients to do every day. Read More

Secure data access in an unsecure world

Long before computers and digital-based data sharing, information security was a critical priority for mankind. These days, though the means by which we access information continue to constantly evolve, this priority still remains at the top of the list for individuals and companies alike. The threats we face are also changing, and therefore we must be cognizant of how to combine the right hardware, software and human action that is needed to protect our businesses without hampering employee productivity. Read More

“What Is AirWatch?” site educates end users

What Is AirWatch?

At TechOrchard, we understand how important it is for organizations to take a holistic approach to enterprise mobility management (EMM) and, more specifically, mobile device management (MDM). As you plan to leverage the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to increase employee efficiently regardless of location, various aspects of a comprehensive mobile strategy must be thought through and addressed. A key first step is to evaluate your Mobile Device Usage Policies (MDUP). Before your company can take the technical steps needed to secure these devices and the data they can access in the enterprise, MDUP must be written to describe not only the responsibilities of the end users, but also the commitment of your organization to the privacy of your end users. Read More

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