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Top 5 mobility predictions for 2017

Mobility Predictions for 2017

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on recent experiences helping companies discover meaningful mobility and detail our expectations in this space for the coming year. Below are not only our top five mobility predictions for 2017, but quick tips on how you can address them in your organization. Read More

Making the case for enterprise mobility

Making the Case for Enterprise Mobility

Despite the need for enterprise mobility constantly staring us in the face at work, companies of all sizes across vertical markets continue finding reasons to avoid moving forward with the development and implementation of a comprehensive mobile strategy. At TechOrchard, we’ll be straight with you: NOW is the time to get key stakeholders on board and get ahead of the potential for serious problems that could result from unmanaged mobile devices.  A compliance violation, data breach or privacy lawsuit could derail your organization — or possibly even shut it down — if you’re not taking proper precautions. Read More

The truth about MDM and your organization

As 2012 heats up, more and more news is being made about how hot MDM is, and how this company just made a partnership with this other company or about a new feature that one provider is now offering. It can be quite frustrating to keep up with the “best” or position yourself to partner with the providers that are in the Gartner magic quadrant. What you as an IT director or CIO need to remember is that given enough time and money, most of these mobile device management providers are going to be offering you the same subset of features across the same breadth of devices. What’s really important? Hit the jump to see my (infinitely humble!) take on the MDM vendor landscape.

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