(FREE) iPad Training Tips and Tricks

TechOrchard is excited to announce our iPad Training Tips and Tricks will be free for a limited time. To qualify for the free training you must invite and sign up 4 others before March 30th for the training to be free of charge for all 4 of your colleagues.

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Smart phone thefts rose to 3.1 million last year

The number of smartphones stolen in the US doubled in 2013, an estimated total of 3.1 million handsets being stolen. An increase of 200% from 2012.

Mobility by Design


Understand the goals of the organization. Evaluate the role of mobile within the organization.


We strategically design or redesign mobility in key areas. Align opportunity for mobility with organizational goals.


We lay out and test the tools we will use to achieve mobility goals.

Maintain and Improve

Ensures that all of the hard work and resources invested with Strategic Mobility Planning remains relevant.

Devices We Manage

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